About Central Saint Giles

Central Saint Giles is one of London’s more colourful mixed-use developments and one of the largest in the West End. The office building is occupied by some of the world's leading media companies. Designed by Renzo Piano, the building also includes retail, residential and an outdoor public Piazza.
sq ft of office
sq ft of restaurants
and cafes
sq ft of roof
The architectural challenge was to create a development that brings heart and soul into this rich part of London's urban fabric. The high level of transparency and accessibility will make this not only a great place to work, but a great place to work together.
Renzo Piano, Architect


Sustainability Initiatives and awards at Central Saint Giles
Central Saint Giles has an Excellent BREEAM rating
GRESB reports: Central Saint Giles received a European Leader award in the 2016 survey and retained a prestigious Green Star.
60% of rainwater falling on office roofs and the piazza will be collected and used
100% of cooling tower water discharged will be collected for re-use
Green roofs and roof gardens attenuate rainfall and heat build-up, and have ecological benefit
To find our more information please download our sustainability policy here


Biomass Boiler System
1. Sustainable tree plantation
2. Forestry offcuts and felled timber
3. Wood converted to wood pellets, with controlled specification
4. Pellets transported to Central Saint Giles
5. Pellets pumped by air blower into basement storage hopper from lorry in loading bay
6. Biomass boilers in basement generate heat for the development and gas boilers supplement this
7. Heat is used for space heating and hot water in offices and apartments



Water Recycling
100% of the cooling tower discharge is re-used.
Green roofs on the office building attenuate 60% of the rainfall water during storms.
Rainwater falling on the office roofs and Piazza is collected, treated and stored for re-use in irrigation.

Art @ Central Saint Giles

We have two art sculptures in our Piazza at Central Saint Giles for you to enjoy.

by Steven Gontarski

In 2008, Gontarski created Ob8, a bright red abstract sculpture which stands 5 metres high and is made of painted and lacquered glass-fibre-reinforced plastic for the Central Saint Giles Piazza. The organic shape of the work has been described as "recognisable but not identifiable, conjuring comparisons to many things in the real world: clouds, organs, oceans, smoke rings."

by Rebecca Warren

There are a number of ideas behind Warren’s bronze figure for Central Saint Giles. The artist considered that the nature of public sculpture usually refers to a well-known figure who can be identified and might give meaning to a place, most often rooted in the past. Warren wanted to make a work that speaks of the always shifting present, a non-gender-specific figure whose form emphasises movement in a way that reflects the constant motion of passing through a busy urban space. Warren built her sculpture first in clay, which gives the final bronze work a fluidity not traditionally associated with the material.