National News

  1. Preacher faces UK terrorism charges

    Radical UK preacher Anjem Choudary is one of two men charged with inviting support for Islamic State militants, Scotland Yard says.
  2. PM 'mesmerised' by Kids Company boss

    David Cameron was "mesmerised" by the Kids Company boss Camila Batmanghelidjh and overruled concerns raised, a source involved in funding talks says.
  3. War declared on athletics - Coe

    Allegations of widespread doping in athletics are "a declaration of war" on the sport, says IAAF vice-president Lord Coe.
  4. Hopes fade for champion freediver

    Natalia Molchanova, the 53-year-old Russian champion freediver, is feared dead after going missing on Sunday.
  5. London set for latest Tube strike

    A 24-hour Tube strike is due to start at 18:30 BST following the failure to resolve a dispute between unions and London Underground.
  6. Cecil the lion killer a 'good man'

    The US dentist who killed a lion in Zimbabwe did nothing wrong and was a "good man", the hunter who led the expedition is quoted as saying.
  7. Hauliers owe £4m in migrant fines

    Haulage firms and lorry drivers are fined more than £4m due to migrants found on their vehicles - with the number of fines up 50% on last year.
  8. Experts to examine 'MH370 wing part'

    Experts are due to examine part of a wing that washed up on the island of Reunion last week and is thought to have belonged to missing flight MH370.
  9. India lifts porn ban after outrage

    India decides to lift a blanket ban on 857 pornographic websites, following widespread outrage over the move.
  10. Lake Victoria collision kills two

    Two children die as a passenger boat capsizes after colliding with a fishing vessel in Lake Victoria in western Kenya.
  11. Operating room music 'a distraction'

    Playing music in the operating theatre can be disruptive and surgeons should think twice about pressing the play button, according to a small study.
  12. Brosnan had knife in hand luggage

    Former James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan is stopped by US airport security for carrying a knife in his hand luggage.
  13. Heath inquiries widen and Cilla's last moments

    Cilla Black's death and the police inquires into Sir Edward Heath are focus on the front pages, while Labour's leadership race and the government sale of RBS shares also attract headlines.
  14. Chastened Assad faces up to reality

    The Syrian President has been forced to acknowledge setbacks as he fights for the survival of his regime, says Jim Muir.
  15. Sweden offers no easy immigration answers

    Sweden has welcomed migrants to the country, but that does not mean it has been plain sailing, says Shaun Ley.
  16. Could jet fly to New York in an hour?

    Airbus has had a patent approved for a super-powered jet but how realistic is it?
  17. Trouble in orbit: the growing problem of space junk

    Dr Hugh Lewis examines the threat posed by growing amounts of space junk, and outlines some possible solutions.
  18. VIDEO: Restaurant sells bottled water for £26

    Some upmarket bars and restaurants have introduced pricey and extensive water menus.
  19. Police 'ignore' odd-number burglaries

    Attempted break-ins at odd-numbered houses were not fully investigated by Leicestershire Police as part of an experiment to save money.
  20. Mayweather to face Berto in September

    Floyd Mayweather will attempt to match Rocky Marciano's record of 49 wins without defeat against fellow American Andre Berto.
  21. Who will be the champions?

    BBC pundits, commentators and journalists predict who will win the Premier League title and who will finish in the top four.
  22. Wilson added to England Women squad

    England include Fran Wilson in a squad of 14 for the one-off Ashes Test with Australia at Canterbury on Tuesday.
  23. Premier League opening-day quiz

    From Klinsmann's dive to Beckham's lob, how well do you remember some of the great Premier League opening-day moments?
  24. Miley & Wallace reach semi-finals

    Hannah Miley and Dan Wallace are among the Britons through from the heats on Wednesday at the World Swimming Championships.
  25. Global economic growth 'to slow'

    The NIESR think tank predicts global economic growth will slow this year to the lowest rate since the financial crisis.
  26. Greek bank stocks down for third day

    Greek bank shares have fallen sharply for a third day, continuing the trend seen since the stock exchange re-opened at the start of the week.
  27. Harman warns MPs over new members

    Harriet Harman writes to all Labour MPs asking them to check new members are not trying to skew the party's leadership contest.
  28. PM urges Iraq Inquiry timetable

    David Cameron demands a timetable "pretty soon" for the publication of Sir John Chilcot's inquiry report on the 2003 Iraq war.
  29. Cancer survival 'lagging in England'

    England's track record for cancer survival remains poorer than other countries with similar health systems, a study suggests.
  30. NHS trust finances 'unaffordable'

    Regulator tells hospitals in England to "look again" at their financial plans as current proposals are "simply unaffordable".
  31. Traditional subjects making comeback

    The number of students taking traditional subjects like English, maths and science in GCSE and A-level exams is on the rise in England.
  32. Higher Maths pass mark set at 34%

    The pass mark for the new Higher Maths exam was adjusted to 34% amid concerns it was "too difficult", it emerges.
  33. Dinklage voice replaced in video game

    Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage is replaced as the voice of a computer in an video game after widespread criticism of his performance.
  34. First 3D-printed pill approved in US

    In a world first, the US Food and Drug Administration has given go-ahead for a 3D printed pill to go into production.
  35. Loss of world's rarest ape charted

    The decline of the Hainan gibbon - the world's rarest primate - has been revealed by a trawl through historical Chinese documents.
  36. Rock stacks reveal 'jumping' quakes

    Scientists solve the riddle of why precariously balanced rocks near the San Andreas fault have never been toppled by earthquakes - revealing crucial interactions between faultlines.
  37. Boone Isaacs re-elected Ampas head

    Cheryl Boone Isaacs is re-elected as the president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for a third term.
  38. Dame Julie to direct My Fair Lady

    Dame Julie Andrews - the original star of My Fair Lady - is set to direct a 60th anniversary production at the Sydney Opera House next year.
  39. Would Chinese-style education work on British kids?

    China has extraordinary performance in education league tables. Would their systems work in the UK?
  40. Making a vineyard out of a slag heap

    The former mining communities of northern France are starting to claim back their once-despised slag heaps and putting them to unexpected uses.
  41. Missing woman's body 'found at sea'

    A body found off the coast of The Netherlands is believed to be that of a woman who went missing while on holiday, say police.
  42. Injured speedway rider out of coma

    A speedway rider who was seriously injured in a crash wakes from an induced coma, his wife has said.
  43. 'Missed chance' over driver's health

    A doctor admits he failed to get an accurate account of what happened to the Glasgow bin lorry crash driver when he previously blacked out behind the wheel of a bus.
  44. Woman charged over care home assaults

    A 60-year-old woman is arrested and charged in connection with two alleged assaults at a care home for the elderly in Edinburgh.
  45. Ambulance service 'sorry' over delay

    The Northern Ireland Ambulance Service apologises to a "seriously-injured" farmer from Castlederg who had to wait more than 90 minutes for an ambulance.
  46. Peace centre row grounds air show

    An aviation society cancels its open day at the former Maze prison site for the second year in a row because of an ongoing political row.
  47. Firm asked to repay £700,000 grant

    A financial services company which left Wales a year after setting up is asked to repay £700,000 of public funds, as the Welsh government faces questions over its grants strategy.
  48. Three in court over murder inquiry

    Three men appear in court charged with murder following the death of a man who was found unconscious on a Cardiff street.
  49. Gaddafi 'abuse' video investigated

    Authorities in the Libyan capital Tripoli investigate a video that appears to show Saadi Gaddafi and other prisoners being beaten in jail.
  50. Sudan accused of bombing civilians

    Amnesty International accuses Sudan's army of committing war crimes by bombing and shelling civilian areas in its South Kordofan region.
  51. Flash flood derails India trains

    At least 24 people are killed as a flash flood derails two trains on a bridge in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, officials say.
  52. China detains 'cross row' Christians

    China detains seven Christians for embezzlement, but their lawyer says they are being punished for protesting against their church cross being removed.
  53. Battle against IS 'soon' - Turkey

    Turkey announces plans to escalate attacks on Islamic State (IS) fighters in Syria, in an operation co-ordinated with the US.
  54. Operation Storm marked 20 years on

    Croatia holds a military parade to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Operation Storm, while neighbouring Serbia mourns the victims.
  55. Mexico seeks Espinosa murder suspects

    Mexican investigators release video surveillance footage of three suspects leaving the flat in which a photojournalist and four women were found murdered.
  56. Colombia helicopter crash kills 16

    A Black Hawk police helicopter crashes in a remote jungle area of Colombia, killing at least 16 officers.
  57. Israel jails settler without trial

    Israel takes the unusual step of jailing a suspected Jewish militant without trial, amid a tightening of measures against Jewish extremists.
  58. Rebels 'driven from key Yemen base'

    Pro-government forces in Yemen recapture the country's largest airbase after a fierce battle with Houthi rebels, government officials say.
  59. Perry misses out on Republican debate

    Rick Perry, the former governor of Texas, is not among the 10 White House hopefuls who will take part in the first Republican debate.
  60. Sandra Bland's family sues police

    The family of a black woman who died in police custody announces legal action against Texas authorities.
  61. Which was the best travel photograph of the year?

    Stunning photography from some of the planet's remotest locations.
  62. Empire State hosts wildlife display

    Images of endangered animals light up New York
  63. Your pictures: Metal

    Readers' photographs on the theme of metal.
  64. Week in pictures: 25 - 31 July 2015

    A selection of the best news photographs from around the world taken over the past week.
  65. In pictures: Ecology photo prize

    BMC Ecology's 2015 competition winners
  66. In pictures: Bamiyan Valley in Afghanistan

    Simon Norfolk's landscapes of Afghanistan
  67. Ten steps to improve your photography

    Ten steps to improve your photography
  68. Where Hunting Dogs Rest

    Plight of abandoned Spanish hunting dogs
  69. VIDEO: Health Committee

    The Health Committee heard from key figures in NHS England.
  70. VIDEO: Aerial views of Olympic preparations

    The BBC's Wyre Davies takes a helicopter tour over Rio de Janeiro to survey the preparations for the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
  71. VIDEO: Levitating magnetic hoverboard unveiled

    A levitating hoverboard which runs on a specially constructed magnetic skate park near Barcelona in Spain has been unveiled.
  72. VIDEO: Cecil accused says case is 'frivolous'

    The trial of a professional Zimbabwean hunter, who led the expedition that killed the country's most famous lion, has been postponed.
  73. VIDEO: Hiroshima survivor recalls horrors

    Thursday marks 70 years to the day since the United States dropped the world's first atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima.
  74. VIDEO: 'Rocky' wildfire burns through wine country

    Evacuation orders are issued to thousands of residents in Northern California as firefighters struggle to contain a series of blazes in the area.
  75. VIDEO: Picasso worth $27m seized from boat

    A Picasso painting worth more than $27m (£17m) has been seized and impounded by French custom officials in Corsica.
  76. VIDEO: Reunion islanders in debris search

    People in Reunion have been combing the beaches looking for further debris that could be linked to missing flight MH370.
  77. VIDEO: Hangman: 'My father taught me to tie noose'

    Sabir Massih, the hangman responsible for at least a quarter of the executions in Pakistan, speaks to Shaimaa Khalil in Islamabad.
  78. Why is the UK still so reliant on the Tornado?

    Why is the Tornado still so vital to the RAF?
  79. How to cope with the Tube strike

    How to cope as London's metro network shuts down
  80. The pool of blood that changed my life

    The pool of blood that changed my life
  81. The luxury watches that have caused international outcry

    Four luxury watches that have caused an outcry
  82. Olympic odysseys: Five global stories

    Remarkable stories from athletes one year from Rio
  83. The 'sanitised narrative' of Hiroshima

    Countering the sanitised US narrative of Hiroshima
  84. The day I ordered pizza that 'doesn't exist'

    The day I ordered a pizza that 'doesn't exist'
  85. How spy agencies hack mobile phones

    How intelligence agencies hack mobile phones
  86. The Pakistani hangman and his family tradition

    The Pakistani hangman continuing a family tradition
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